From Brownies to Cupcakes, we have a variety of dessert treats available for you to take home and share with family and friends


Boom Boom

Fudge brownie with marshmallow fluff


Choco Krunch

Fudge brownie with chocolate crunch


Double Chocolate

Fudge brownie with chocolate icing and chocolate malt ball



Fudge brownie with coffee icing and chocolate drizzle


Pebble Beach

Fudge brownie with caramel drizzle, marshmallow and cashew nuts


Black and White

Fudge brownie with milk and chocolate chips


Choc O’ Chip

Fudge brownie with dark chocolate chips


Kriss Kross

Fudge brownie with chocolate drizzle


Rocky Road

Fudge brownie with marshmallows, cashews, and chocolate drizzle


Walnut Swirl

Walnut brownie with cream cheese swirl


Cheesecake Swirl

Red Velvet with cream cheese swirl



Box of 4

Double Chocolate, Boom Boom, Pebble Beach, Choco Krunch


Box of 6

Double Chocolate, Kriss Kross, Cheesecake Swirl, Choco Krunch, Choc O’ Chips, Pebble Beach


Premium Box of 6

Walnut Swirl, Kriss Kross, Cheesecake Swirl, Rocky Road, Choc O’ Chips, Black and White


Box of 10

Two pieces of each: Double Chocolate, Pebble Beach, Choco Krunch, Boom Boom, Mochaccino


Box of 12

Two pieces each: Rocky Road, Cheesecake Swirl, Walnut Swirl, Choc O’ Chips, Kriss Kross, Black and White




Crispy meringue rounds with butter cream icing coated with butter cake crumbs

Single – ₱40

6 Pieces – ₱220


Crispy meringue rounds with butter icing coated with chocolate butter cake crumbs

Single – ₱40

6 Pieces – ₱220


Brownie Chips

Crunchy, rich, wafer thin chocolate crisps studded with nuggets of milk chocolate


Cookie Chips

Crunchy, buttery, wafer thin vanilla crisps with nuggets of milk chocolate



Big Brownie Bar

Flavors: Cookie Dough, Almond and Walnut

Single – ₱40

3 Pieces – ₱110

Rainbow Cupcakes

Fudge cupcake topped with meringue icing and sprinkles/chocolates

Single – ₱40

3 Pieces – ₱115

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